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About the Board of Directors

The Unity Christian School Board of Directors works closely with the Head of School to advance the school's mission and further the cause of Christian education. The board is a governing and policy making body that represents the moral ownership of Unity in determining and demanding appropriate organizational performance. The board is responsible for actively promoting the spiritual health, financial well-being and community image of the school.

The Unity Christian School Board of Directors functions according to a policy governance model. This model allows the board to operate efficiently and effectively according to a predefined list of unique principles established specifically to promote, measure, and evaluate, the progress and success of the school as defined by the school's purpose statements and established ends.

Members of the Board

Mr. Nate King - Chairman

Rev. David Nance - Vice Chairman

Mr. Jason Free - Secretary

Mr. Jonathan Whitley - Treasurer

Mr. Keith Thompson - Member

Mr. Clent Walker - Member

Dr. Brent Baskin - Member

Rev. David Harper - Founding Church Member

Mrs. Mary Taylor - Member

Mr. Eric Munn - Head of School