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Core Value: Comprehensive Christian Education

May 19, 2017
By Valerie Stepp

Unity provides educational experiences and instruction that helps students form a framework of understanding God, relationships, life purpose, and the world around them from a biblical perspective. This biblical worldview training is integrated throughout our curriculum. Unity guides students in their faith journey of learning what it means to live each day with the primary purpose of loving and serving God.

The number one reason parents choose Unity Christian School is the comprehensive Christian education. Read what Unity parents have to say when asked, “What do you like best about our school?”

“We chose UCS because the school is unapologetically Christian in the worldview presented, and we love that this aspect has not changed. We like the smaller class size. We feel that the curriculum being presented is complete, proceeding logically in building knowledge.”

”positive, Christian based school with excellent academics”

“Biblical worldview being taught in and out of the classroom with Christ-like traits being modeled by teachers and administration”

“I love that my kids are learning and understanding what it means to have a Biblical worldview. I love the environment and educating our kids with like-minded families.”

“Commitment to excellence. Christ-centered teaching. Unity has always held an atmosphere of warmth and safety. We have felt that the educational experience of our children is exceptional”

“Teaching from a biblical perspective while maintaining high expectations of academic and social achievement.”

“I love that children are taught a Biblical worldview in all subjects and that they are challenged to learn at a higher level than they would be at many schools.”