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Physical Education & Health

Students will learn techniques in exercising and show minimal improvement in the ten recognized fitness domains of Cardiovascular and Respiratory, agility, balance, speed, coordination, power, endurance, flexibility, strength, and accuracy. Students will also be able to identify personal strengths and begin to learn of their individual preferences in lifetime physical activities. Students will learn of sports etiquette and sportsmanship as well.

The purpose of the Health course is to present the Bible as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. This course will deal with the integration of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of life and offer students the skills necessary for personal health and well-being and the prevention and treatment of injury. As students develop knowledge of God as Creator they will develop an attitude of respect of the human body for it is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 103). Students will investigate how health and science pertain to the human body. They will recognize and analyze the importance of and develop a desire for spiritual, mental and social health developing a healthy lifestyle in each area of life. Students will realize they are called as stewards of their bodies and are responsible for their actions, attitudes, and thoughts.


Mr. Bradley Moon 
Mrs. Melanie Thornberry