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In this class, students will speak, listen, comprehend, read and write about familiar activities in Spanish. To this end, students will acquire vocabulary for basic and common conversations, then understand and apply needed grammar skills, including but not limited to present tense verb conjugation, description (adjective agreement in gender and number), and sentence structure. The culture and people of Hispanic countries are explored as well as geographical locations and features. The basic text is Realidades I, with its audio  and visual components, supplemented by the Holy Bible in Spanish, individual authentic Spanish Christian calendars, and experiences with music, food, games, role-playing and many interactive learner-centered activities. Students are encouraged to practice together and to support one another’s learning.

In this class, students will further develop their ability to speak, listen, comprehend, read and write about familiar activities in Spanish. Emphasis is on ever increasing vocabulary, and solidifying and expanding upon the grammatical concepts of Spanish I. Students will utilize the preterite tense, the imperfect tense, commands, comparisons, reflexive verbs, various types of pronouns, and more. Culture and geography continues to be explored. Beyond the text series Realidades II, students use the Santa Biblia including scripture memorization, and work with other authentic materials—for example, Christian calendars and the Celebremos Su Gloria  hymnal. They experience other music, poetry, guests, videos, food, language games, web-based activities, creating mini-dramas, and participating frequently in interactive learner-centered activities. In addition, level-appropriate mini-novels are studied. 

Pre-requisite: Spanish I

Spanish III will be a language immersion class. With goals of expanding grammatical understanding and greatly increasing vocabulary, the class will include cultural info, reading, presenting, use of authentic material, carrying out Biblically Christian activities in Spanish--prayer, song, scripture memorization--journaling, and it will be conversation intensive. Students often meet in a “roundtable” style environment. The teacher wants Spanish III to be an encouraging environment for all to strive for excellence and growth in their knowledge, faith, and genuine communication skills.

Pre-requisite: Spanish II


Ms. Shelby Krueger