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Welcome to Kindergarten

The kindergarten year at Unity Christian School is replete with firsts. Students will experience hands-on learning in their classrooms. Teachers provide a variety of engaging activities, including trips to LegoLand Discovery Center and the Chattanooga Zoo. Unity Kindergarten pursues academic excellence while meeting the needs of each child. Each teacher demonstrates unconditional love while encouraging the students to act in a way that brings glory and honor to God.

While kindergarten teachers integrate biblical truth into every unit of study, they also teach Bible as a separate subject. Teachers focus on familiar stories from the Old and New Testament, while also implementing new details to encourage higher order thinking skills. Students participate in daily devotions and prayer, as well as learn a weekly Scripture verse to recite on Friday.

The reading and writing curriculum incorporates both fiction and non-fictional stories. These stories are used to introduce beginning strategies for reading, including comprehension, cause and effect, sequencing events, character study, and other vital components that will aid in becoming a well-rounded reader. Targeted skills in reading include letter recognition, sound identification, and blending.

The math curriculum introduces basic numeral skills and number concepts. In kindergarten, teachers use a wide variety of manipulatives, games, and technology to help students build a mental image of foundational math concepts. The primary goal is for each child to develop a strong confidence in math that will last throughout the years. Students will be proficient in skills ranging from basic addition and subtraction to recognizing shapes and comparing measurements.

The Christian School International Science curriculum integrates science concepts throughout the day in learning centers, whole group experiments, and special units. Teachers employ methods that focus primarily on investigation, observation, and experimentation, which include a hands-on science lab. Topics include the following: Investigating Health, Investigating Living Things, Investigating Materials, Investigating God’s Nonliving World, and Investigating Transportation.

The social studies curriculum allows teachers to use themed units of study and integrates these concepts throughout the day to help students make sense of the world by relating it to their own life. Topics include family and home, community helpers, national holidays, famous American symbols and people, and beginning map skills.


Mrs. Hannah Simpson
Mrs. Cameron Howard 
Mrs. Jody Petro 
Mrs. Robin Seagrest