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In sixth grade, students will study various worldviews, including the Biblical, Islamic, Naturalistic, and New Age views of God. The students will examine the definitions, functions, and characteristics of these worldviews and teachings, ultimately making comparisons with the Biblical Worldview. They will also study the life and ministry of Paul, as well as learn about the birth, growth, and persecution of the Church. 

1st Semester--Joseph: A Character Study

Everyone faces adversity; it is an integral part of our life experiences. Who you are depends on how you face the trials. As we look at the life of Joseph, keep in mind that we are just like him. Our character study of Joseph will teach us some important character traits of acceptance, hard work, patience, integrity, humility, blessing from others and forgiveness. The study of the Bible will help shape your mind and heart to become more Joseph-like to our family and friends.

2nd Semester--Daring Deliverers: Lessons on Leadership from the Book of Judges.

There are many unique periods in the history of the world. One of these is the four-hundred-year “period of the judges.” During this time, Israel confronted six of the most powerful and influential nations on earth and emerged victorious. However, Israel was not victorious in its own strength. God raised up judges-deliverers who led to Israel to victory. It is the story of the Daring Deliverers that is the focus of this course. While their stories are indeed important, the lessons we can learn from their successes and failures are even more significant.

1st Semester--The Book of Acts

In eighth grade Bible, students will study principles for Christian living from the example of the early Church as recorded in Acts. A serious effort will be made to apply the principles demonstrated in the lives and actions of the heroic men and women of Acts.

2nd Semester--Mastering Bible Study Skills

In order to develop into mature disciples of Jesus Christ, students need to know how to correctly handle the written Word of God. Students will learn by instruction and practice how to read the Bible knowledgeably, interpret it accurately, and apply it appropriately.