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Fine Arts

Steel Drums is designed to give the student the necessary skills in learning to read music and performance techniques required to perform on the steel drums from beginner to advanced levels.

The Middle School level chorus sings a variety of music arranged in three part harmony, including gospel, traditional, popular, and high energy show tunes.  The chorus will prepare several pieces throughout the year for GICAA Competition, local performances, and performance at school fundraisers. Graded performances include the GICAA Choral Competition and a Spring evening performance.  

Students will be introduced to the seven elements of art (line, shape, form, value, space, color, texture) along with the principles of design (pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, proportion, harmony, and movement). Students will explore master artists based on each element and be able to describe their stylistic approach. Through this course, students will also develop aesthetic understanding through examination of his/her own work and the artwork of others.

This visual arts course is taught in a demonstration/“hands on” fashion with emphasis on drawing, painting, ceramics, and arts and crafts. Students will enjoy participating in a wide variety of techniques and styles of art while God’s discovering purpose for art. A cumulative project will serve as a final for each semester.  

Eight grade students will understand and apply the elements and principles of art through a variety of media and techniques. Students will build upon prior knowledge with an emphasis placed on understanding and appreciating the influence of art from other times and cultures. While continually challenged with basic art criticism and aesthetic valuing, students will compare and contrast famous works as well as their own studio projects against the foundation of our Biblical Christian perspective. Issues concerning art, the functions of art, the meanings and the power of using visual art as a light to the world, will be ongoing topics. Students will be constantly encouraged to find their own God given style and technique, through constantly engaging in “hands on” studio production.



Ms. Gaby Guillen
Mrs. Courtney Willingham