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Middle School Guidance


The Guidance department of Unity Christian School undergirds the mission of the school in helping prepare students to impact the world for Jesus Christ and by helping them pursue their God-given potential not only in academics, leadership and service, but also in character development, interpersonal relationships, post-secondary educational opportunities, and vocational exploration and preparation.

Middle school students participate in the following activities:

  • CHAMPS Program: In partnership with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, our 7th graders participate in Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety which involves monthly sessions covering topics such as alcohol, tobacco, and safety.
  • Bullying Prevention Lessons are taught to our 8th graders to educate them on how to identify bullying and steps for dealing with it appropriately.
  • Conflict Resolution Lessons are taught to our 8th graders to help students navigate relational conflicts to an agreed solution.
  • Digital Citizenship Lessons are taught to our 8th graders including topics such as e-mail etiquette, prevention and reporting of cyberbullying, how to protect personal information and general techniques for safe and responsible use of technology.
7th Grade Guidance

8th Grade Guidance

Starr Boylan
Guidance Counselor