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Fine Arts




We teach our children that God is the Creator of all things. Yet, in so many areas of our lives such as the sciences, language, and the Fine Arts, we neglect to daily recognize and celebrate God's direct involvement. He is the creator of ALL things, and ALL things were made for His pleasure and purpose.
Throughout the Bible we see evidence of God's creativity and use of artistry to effectively communicate the greatest story ever told. We see His love for music and song in worship and celebration. We see His heart and learn lessons of discipleship in poetry and parables. And, when we look up from our study of the Scriptures, we can see His majesty all around us in the artistry of the world that surrounds us.
God is the ultimate artist. He is our example, and the reason we devote ourselves to the development and expression of the creative gifts He bestowed upon us. At Unity, we are committed to assisting our students in identifying their areas of giftedness in the arts, developing an appreciation for different forms of artistic expression, and recognizing how they can daily see and acknowledge the artistry of God in their daily lives.