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Senior Projects


The purpose of this project is to showcase how Unity has impacted the life of a senior throughout the time he/she has attended the school. The project is broken down in 2 sections:  a 30 minute presentation and a senior thesis paper.  Each section counts 50% and is the senior’s final exam for Spring Semester. The main focus of the senior project is for the senior to show how Unity has shaped his/her worldview and to give a personal statement/vision as he/she takes the next step in his/her journey after Unity Christian School.

Videos - Farewell and Baccalaureate

Each year the graduating class is asked to make a farewell video and present it during the Baccalaureate service for first viewing.  These videos are pictures and video clips representing their memories of their time here at Unity. You will find the link on the left sidebar labeled "Farewell Videos".

Baccalaureate services are held at First Presbyterian Church and are recorded. For the past two years, they have been placed here for on-line viewing and download.  Directions for download are on the download page.


Class of 2018 Senior Projects
Class of 2017 Senior Projects